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Think a juniper rich gin, raspberries, rose petals and tonic but without the alcochol!


Amongst the most beautiful colors: Pink! And available within the Sir. James 101 range! Sir. James 101 loves this color but is both proud and excited about the great flavours of this drink. Because it’s a serious drink to enjoy at amusing occasions.

Warning: this is not just a sweet fizzy drink. The aim for this drink is to let you have a realistic moment of joy where you find yourself at a party, restaurant or at home to behave like you’re drinking “the real deal” but you can have as many as you wish and stay 100% sober.

The Sir. James 101 Pink Gin Tonic comes with a deep blossom pink color. Scents of raspberry are approaching first with a hint of pomegranate and juniper berries. The taste is sensational with an interplay of refined herbs in combination with red fruits such as raspberries and red currants. The elegant bubble creates a perfect balance where the alcohol free gin character comes to the fore with a light bitter at the finish.


Sir James G&T


Think a classic G&T without the alcohol!


Natural juniper & lime flavouring

The flagship of the Sir. James 101 range. This story began with the Gin Tonic being the first drink and after so many positive responses we have developed more varieties.


This Gin Tonic alcohol free is made to meet perfection. Sir. James 101 has confused many people who really thought of drinking a real gin and tonic. That makes him feel like the job is done, but he won’t rest and keep on telling people about this perfect alcohol free drink.


Natural flavours and extracts like juniper and lime were used to make this Gin Tonic alcohol free. This has created an attractive aroma of fresh citrus fruit and botanical herbs like juniper and rosemary. A fresh and soft bitter taste with hints of gin-flavours as you may expect. A pleasant sparkling taste provides a good harmony and balanced aftertaste.


Sir James Mojito

Think a tasty lime and mint forward mojito without the alcohol!


This is the all-time favourite mocktail! Since the launch of this drink the responses are equal to gold medal awards. It is a stand-out in the range because it’s the only drink in a green bottle. The best alcohol free Mojito experience starts here!


Natural flavours and extracts of spearmint and lime were used to make the basis of this Mojito. But Sir. James 101 went further than this making it a refined drink. Flavours of the brown sugar which is usually added are clearly recognisable in this drink and the taste is full bodied to equal the rum flavour which is used for Mojito’s with alcohol. The recipe of the Mojito has been created combining many small elements to make it the best alcohol free Mojito you’ve ever tasted.


The mint aroma is very distinctive and recognisable with the fresh and tingling taste of mint, lime and herbs with a long and balanced finish. This Mojito can be served in many ways.

Sir James Pink G & T

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